Traveling To Japan For The First Time? 37 Things To Know Before You Go



Last Updated February 16th, 2019It’s hard to know what to expect when traveling to Japan for the first time. You probably have a general idea about Japan based on the bits and pieces of the culture you’re familiar with. Sushi has taken the world by storm and now ramen is doing the same. There’s modern Tokyo and ancient Kyoto. There … Read More

Ultimate BauBax 2.0 Review

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Last Updated January 25th, 2019This Baubax 2.0 review will teach you everything you need to know to determine if this is the perfect travel jacket for you. What stands out most about the BauBax travel jacket is how much you can store in the multitude of pockets. I’ve tried it around the city, at the airport, and on a ten-hour … Read More

Pod Hotels In Japan: What You Need To Know


Last Updated October 26th, 2018Pod hotels in Japan are definitely a unique experience… But, before you try sleeping in one, you should know what they’re really like. We usually use Airbnb, but since using Airbnb in Japan has become much more of a challenge lately, Joshua decided to try out some pod hotels in Tokyo. After a lot of research, … Read More

Is Airbnb In Japan Still A Good Option?



Last Updated October 10th, 2018We’ve been using Airbnb in Japan ever since we met more than three years ago. Joshua used it on his first trip and we’ve used it together ever since we started exploring the world together. We haven’t found any better way to rent a short term apartment in Japan and think an apartment is much better … Read More

Wifi In Japan: Ultimate Guide To Getting Connected


Last Updated October 10th, 2018Public WiFi in Japan is worse than a lot of other countries. But, it’s not due to poor infrastructure limiting speed and access. Speed and performance are usually great if you’re connected to a private network in a home or office. Some public networks are great, too… Occasionally. The biggest challenge is getting connected in the … Read More