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Who are we

We’re Joshua and Megumi, your guides to Japanese food and culture.

Megumi is from Tokyo and sees the country as a local—the food, customs, and culture are all normal to her. But, Joshua is from the US and knows what it’s like to be a confused foreigner.

We met in a coffee shop in Tokyo in 2015. Megumi sat down in the last available seat in the cafe—which happened to be next to me. Since she spoke English, we ended up chatting about travel and Tokyo.

We immediately hit it off and decided to spend more time together…
Over the next couple years, we have spent time in Japan, the US, and traveled to other countries together.

Why we started ETT Japan

EatTalkTravel Japan
Looking back, more than two years later, we decided to build a website for travelers interested in exploring Japan deeper than the average tourist.

As we’ve traveled around the country together, we’ve both really come to appreciate all that it has to offer. For me, it’s a whole new world with an approach to life that’s very different from the US.

For Megumi, she’s become aware of all that Japanese culture has to offer. She explains aspects of the culture that confuse foreigners and develops a deeper understanding of her own country through the process.

Why we focus on food

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These differences really stand out when it comes to food culture.

Food in Japan is like nowhere else in the world. As a country that’s been fairly isolated throughout history, they have unique ingredients, preparation methods, and customs.

Exploring the food culture has been fascinating. As we have started to spend more time outside of Tokyo, we keep discovering new foods that are particular to other regions of the country.

We knew there was already a lot of travel information out there, but we felt like it was still difficult to find good information in English. Many fantastic restaurants would top the Japanese review sites, but be virtually unknown to foreigners because there’s no information in English.

Beyond language, some Japanese foods are just not that tourist friendly. There are many dishes that are very challenging to explain because they are so unique to Japan.

We want to change this so that other people can understand and appreciate the subtleties of Japanese food and culture.