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Who are we

We’re Joshua and Megumi, your guides to food, culture, and travel in Japan.

We have spent years traveling the world both alone and together. While we love and appreciate the many cultures we’ve visited, Japan is one of our favorites. So, we created a travel site about it.

Megumi was born and bred in Tokyo, while Joshua is from the US, so we each see Japan from different perspectives. These differences help us highlight and clarify Japanese culture and introduce places that foreigners usually don’t see.

Why we talk about food so much

Beyond the country and culture, food in Japan is like nowhere else in the world. It’s an isolated island with a long history and the Japanese have unique ingredients, preparation methods, and food customs that are fascinating (and delicious). Even within the country, each region has distinct foods and preparation methods.

Despite this fantastic food culture, most travel information seems to point visitors to stereotypical foods like ramen, sushi, and Kobe beef. While these are all worth trying when visiting Japan, they are really just a small part of the food culture.

Going beyond this standard tourist fare is a challenge. Most information is only in Japanese and many restaurants aren’t tourist friendly. There are also a lot of customs that are hard to understand if you’re not Japanese.

We want to help you overcome these challenges so you can understand the subtleties of Japanese food and culture. There’s a good chance you’ll love it just as much as we do!

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