Survival Japanese: Japanese numbers


Japanese Numbers

Japanese numbers are a little complicated, especially in conversation. The pronunciation changes depending on whether it’s a person, object, or situation. But don’t worry, we will start with the basics. Basic Japanese numbers Number Kanji Hiragana Pronunciation 0 零 ぜろ / れい Zero / Rei 1 一 いち Ichi 2 二 に Ni 3 三 さん San 4 四 し/よん … Read More

Survival Japanese Phrases For Restaurants


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If you’re planning to visit Japan, you may already know some basic Japanese phrases, or at least some words, like “Konnichiwa” “Arigatou,” or “Sumimasen.” (If not, be sure to read Survival Japanese: 10 Phrases For Basic Communication) But, even if you know these basics, it might still be difficult to enjoy a meal in a restaurant. Even if there’s an … Read More

Survival Japanese: 10 Phrases For Basic Communication


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We don’t want to scare you, but most Japanese people don’t speak much English. Why? Because we don’t need English at all in daily life unless we have foreign friends or work for/with foreign companies. While the foreign population keeps growing, there’s still not a very large community of English speakers in Japan. You may often feel like when you speak … Read More