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Welcome to EatTalkTravel Japan! 😀

We’re here to help you experience the best of Japanese food and culture. We started ETT Japan because we realized that Japan is hard to understand if you’re not Japanese. While there is plenty of tourist information, it only shows a small part of Japan.

You can find the main tourist sites and eat sushi, but it’s really hard to go deeper. The best food is especially hard to find…


Real Japanese food

Japanese food (c)EatTalkTravelWe love Japanese food and there’s so much more than most visitors realize.

There are many restaurants that have English menus, but they are often different from the Japanese one. We recently went to an Unagi (eel) restaurant and the English menu was a single page. However, the Japanese one was like a book. The list of Sake alone was about two pages, yet in English there were about three options listed.

It’s not that they don’t want visitors. It’s just that Japanese is hard to translate, especially when it comes to the subtle differences between Sake…

While we can’t completely change this, what we can do is introduce you to a wider range of Japanese foods and help you understand Japanese food culture.

How we organized EatTalkTravel Japan

We organized ETT Japan around three core subjects: Eat, Talk, and Travel. All together, these three subjects cover what most visitors struggle with when visiting Japan. We separate them so that you can focus on what matters most to you.

Below, we have separated each one and recommended some articles to get started.



This is where we put all of the food content. You will find a mix of Japanese food articles and restaurant recommendations. Here are a few to get you started:

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Talk is where we introduce you to some basic Japanese phrases for travelers. Many Japanese people don’t speak English, so we recommend you learn to speak a little Japanese… especially if you want to step away from the tourist attractions. Here’s a good place to start:

Read more about Talk


We also help you out with practical information and introduce you to different places worth visiting. Japan is small but full of things to see and do. These three are a good place to start:

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