Japan Rail Pass: Is It Worth It For You?


Japan Rail Pass Is It Worth It For You?

Megumi is often asked “Hey, do you think I should get the Japan Rail Pass? Is it worth it?” When planning a trip to Japan, ad’s for the pass are everywhere you look so a lot of people wonder about. Naturally, they assume a Japanese person who loves traveling will know a lot of about it so they ask. Well, … Read More

Why Should You Visit Japan? Here are 5 Reasons


Deciding where to travel can be overwhelming. There are so many options for where to go and what to do that choosing a destination can be just as difficult as planning what to do once you’re there. Well, as you probably guessed from the title, we think that you should visit Japan. Megumi is Japanese, born and raised in Tokyo, … Read More

Survival Japanese: Japanese numbers


Japanese Numbers

Japanese numbers are a little complicated, especially in conversation. The pronunciation changes depending on whether it’s a person, object, or situation. But don’t worry, we will start with the basics. Basic Japanese numbers Number Kanji Hiragana Pronunciation 0 零 ぜろ / れい Zero / Rei 1 一 いち Ichi 2 二 に Ni 3 三 さん San 4 四 し/よん … Read More

Tokyo Metro: The Ultimate Guide


While most cities are either small and dense or big and sprawled out, Tokyo is both. Instead of having one central business district there are multiple, densely populated areas surrounded by quiet residential areas.This makes the extensive metro system even more incredible. You can venture most anywhere in the city by rail. But, it’s complicated. There are many lines, owned … Read More

Is Japan Expensive? Not If You Know What To Avoid


One of the most common things we get asked is, “Is Japan expensive?” We also read a lot about what makes people go to Japan—or choose not to—and one of the biggest turn-offs for travelers is that it’s too expensive… Well, actually it’s that they assume it’s really expensive. Japan has a reputation for being really pricey—especially Tokyo—so while a … Read More