Kamakura: The Perfect Day Trip From Tokyo


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Tokyo is a sprawling metropolis that will overwhelm your senses and redefine what you think about cities. That said, you’re probably going to want to get away for a little while and Kamakura may be the ideal choice. The typical thing to do is get a rail pass and take the “golden route” through Kyoto and Hiroshima. This is a … Read More

What To Eat in Okinawa (And Why You Should Go)

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Okinawa is totally different from the rest of Japan. For starters, it’s a tropical island with beautiful beaches, lush vegetation, and fantastic weather. But, there’s a lot more going for it than that. Before it became a part of Japan, Okinawa had its own distinct culture and traditions which still play a large role in society. Yet, they have also been … Read More

5 Tokyo Ramen Joints That Will Blow Your Mind

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If you think Tokyo ramen is just a slightly better version of packaged instant noodles for broke college students then prepare to have your mind blown. Or maybe you already know how great Japanese ramen is, but don’t know where to get it in Tokyo. In that case, we’ll get you off to a good start so you can stuff … Read More

Japan Rail Pass: Is It Worth It For You?


Japan Rail Pass Is It Worth It For You?

Megumi is often asked “Hey, do you think I should get the Japan Rail Pass? Is it worth it?” When planning a trip to Japan, ad’s for the pass are everywhere you look so a lot of people wonder about. Naturally, they assume a Japanese person who loves traveling will know a lot of about it so they ask. Well, … Read More

Why Should You Visit Japan? Here are 5 Reasons


Deciding where to travel can be overwhelming. There are so many options for where to go and what to do that choosing a destination can be just as difficult as planning what to do once you’re there. Well, as you probably guessed from the title, we think that you should visit Japan. Megumi is Japanese, born and raised in Tokyo, … Read More