Two Weeks In Japan: The Definitive Guide

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Two weeks in japan

Creating your itinerary for two weeks in Japan is going to be hard, but this guide will make it much easier. We’ll show you the best places to visit in Japan, help you get around the country with ease, and highlight Japan’s must-try foods. Here’s what you’ll learn: Where to go and how to get there Common challenges and how … Read More

Osaka Food Specialties: Top 5 Foods For First Timers


Like we mentioned in our last Osaka article, Osaka is one of the best food cities in Japan. Food is everywhere, so it’s hard to know where to start. But, never fear, we’ll introduce you to some Osaka food specialties to get you off to a good start. To get started, we will introduce you to the most famous Osaka … Read More

Are You Scared Of Natto?


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If you’ve heard of Natto (pronounced like gnat toe), then you’ve probably heard warnings about it, too. This strange concoction is extremely popular in Japan, but not many people know about it outside the country… And those who do are often freaked out by it. We’ve heard the smell compared to dirty socks and cheese. We’ve also heard it just … Read More

A Mackerel In Fukuoka Changed My Life


Fukuoka food

It happened by chance. Megumi and I were strolling down one of Fukuoka’s main streets at lunchtime when we saw a mob of office workers briskly making their way down a tiny alleyway nestled between a convenience store and a beautiful shrine. So, we followed along… Inside, we found a handful of restaurants catering to this lunch crowd. One restaurant … Read More

Hakata Dontaku Festival: It Might Rain On The Parade But You Won’t Care


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The Dontaku Festival in Fukuoka (or Hakata, depending on who you ask) is one of the biggest in Japan and goes back over 830 years. It was rained out this year… again. This happens every few years, so it wasn’t a surprise for most local people who think “It’s always raining during the Dontaku festival.” The main event is a … Read More