NOMATIC Travel Pack Review: Most Functional Travel Bag?

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If you want a real, in-depth review of the NOMATIC Travel Pack or one of NOMATIC’s other bags, this is the article of your dreams. I’ve now spent more than two years with the Travel Pack, use it on most days, and have explored two continents with it. I’ve used it on the trains of Tokyo and Osaka, ventured into … Read More

Ultimate BauBax 2.0 Review

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Josh wearing Baubax jacket with bright yellow leaves on trees in the background

This Baubax 2.0 review will teach you everything you need to know to determine if this is the perfect travel jacket for you. What stands out most about the BauBax travel jacket is how much you can store in the multitude of pockets. I’ve tried it around the city, at the airport, and on a ten-hour flight. As someone who … Read More