Two Weeks In Japan: The Definitive Guide

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Two weeks in japan

Creating your itinerary for two weeks in Japan is going to be hard, but this guide will make it much easier. We’ll show you the best places to visit in Japan, help you get around the country with ease, and highlight Japan’s must-try foods. Here’s what you’ll learn: Where to go and how to get there Common challenges and how … Read More

Essential Japanese Restaurant Phrases And How To Use Them


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If you’re planning to visit Japan, you need to know some basic Japanese restaurant phrases to try the best foods. While basic Japanese phrases are a great start, they’re not going to be enough for communicating in a restaurant. Even if there’s an English menu, the process of communicating a basic food order can be a challenge. These Japanese restaurant … Read More

5 Tokyo Ramen Joints That Will Blow Your Mind

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If you think Tokyo ramen is just a slightly better version of packaged instant noodles for broke college students then prepare to have your mind blown. Or maybe you already know how great Japanese ramen is, but don’t know where to get it in Tokyo. In that case, we’ll get you off to a good start so you can stuff … Read More

Tokyo Coffee Culture: Here’s Why You’re Gonna Love It


Tokyo coffee

This may surprise you, but Tokyo coffee culture is among the best in the world. In fact, there are even some US shops that have locations here. I’m not talking about Starbucks (although there are plenty of them) but smaller cafes that you’d never expect. Blue Bottle, from the West coast and Gorilla Coffee from Brooklyn, NYC both have locations … Read More

Traveling To Japan For The First Time? 37 Things To Know Before You Go



It’s hard to know what to expect when traveling to Japan for the first time. While you probably have a general idea about what Japanese culture is like, much of this is based on what’s become popular internationally. It’s easy to learn about sushi and ramen, to see gorgeous photos of high-tech Tokyo and ancient Kyoto, and novelties like cat … Read More