Japanese Onsen: 7 Tips For First Timers



Even though Japanese people are known as shy most won’t hesitate to get naked in public… When going to a Japanese Onsen. Then they are happy to take off their clothes for a nice, relaxing bath. Why do Japanese people love the Onsen so much? Japan has 127 million people, but 140 million people go to the Onsen every year. This … Read More

Beyond Tokyo and Kyoto: 10 Reasons To Travel To Fukuoka, Japan


Fukuoka travel

When traveling to Japan, the most obvious places to go are Tokyo and Kyoto. One is the bustling metropolis of the future, while the other is steeped in history and tradition. While both cities are definitely worth a visit, you should quickly add Fukuoka, Japan to your itinerary. This modestly sized city has some of Japan’s best food, an airport … Read More

Survival Japanese Phrases For Restaurants


Survival Japanese restaurant (c)EatTalkTravel Japan

If you’re planning to visit Japan, you may already know some basic Japanese phrases, or at least some words, like “Konnichiwa” “Arigatou,” or “Sumimasen.” (If not, be sure to read Survival Japanese: 10 Phrases For Basic Communication) But, even if you know these basics, it might still be difficult to enjoy a meal in a restaurant. Even if there’s an … Read More

Udon: Fukuoka’s Other Great Noodle


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We already told you about Ramen in Fukuoka. It’s become the go-to dish for most every visitor who sets foot here. It’s no exaggeration that Fukuoka’s Tonkotsu Ramen is the best you’ll ever try. But, we were surprised to learn about how good the Udon noodles are. In fact, many locals are even more enthralled with udon than ramen. Kagawa … Read More

How To Find Fukuoka’s Best Ramen


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Ramen is like an art form in Japan, with a nearly endless supply of shops competing to stand out from the rest. Each region has its own special way of preparing the broth and the noodles, but Fukuoka is unique both for the popularity of the local style ramen, as well as the sheer volume of options within this compact … Read More