Hakata Dontaku Festival: It Might Rain On The Parade But You Won’t Care


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The Dontaku Festival in Fukuoka (or Hakata, depending on who you ask) is one of the biggest in Japan and goes back over 830 years. It was rained out this year… again. This happens every few years, so it wasn’t a surprise for most local people who think “It’s always raining during the Dontaku festival.” The main event is a … Read More

Are You Scared Of Natto?


Natto (C)EatTalkTravelJapan

If you’ve heard of Natto, then you’ve probably heard warnings about it, too. This strange concoction is extremely popular in Japan, but not many people know about it outside the country… And those who do are often freaked out by it. We’ve heard the smell compared to dirty socks and cheese. We’ve also heard it just smells terrible and you … Read More

Tokyo Yakitori: More Than Meat On A Stick


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If you’re a meat eater and ready to dive right into Tokyo’s food culture, then Yakitori should be near the top of your list. This simple food, when prepared right, will transform how you see meat on a stick. Japanese restaurants specialize down to the smallest detail, rather than offer a variety of foods to choose from. A good Yakitori … Read More